Simulate user input

void CMyAppView::SignalImageStored()
TKeyEvent aKeyEvent;
TEventCode aType;
aKeyEvent.iCode = EKeyMenu;
aKeyEvent.iScanCode = EStdKeyMenu;
aType = EEventKey;
iCoeEnv->SimulateKeyEventL(aKeyEvent, aType);

iCoeEnv is a member of CAknView class, this is useful to open menu automatically, maybe after a laps of time.

… and this cause only menu event, not the corresponding key be pressed when menu is visible, so setting a timer event that cause SignalImageStored be called (i.e. from a CActive derived class) could not cause select action. There can be some problem if the view is no more visible/activated … (to be added a test on active state of this view.

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